NickMercs High Kill Trios Strategy

NickMercs High Kill Trios Strategy

High Kill Trios Gameplay Strategy inspired by NickMercs.

Ever wonder how the pros get high kill gameplay consistently each game?

In NickMerc's recent post this August 10, 2020, on Youtube, he breaks down his gameplay and mindset when approaching tournament games that require you to get high kills.

In this competitive tournament atmosphere, teams are going for straight-up kills.


Here is NickMercs, Swaggs, and Diaz Biffles Trios High Kill Strategy Visualized.

In this flow chart, we walk you through Nick Mercs High Kill Strategy.

1. Land at Superstore

Early game it's advantageous to land and superstore. Land together, and clear each corner together.  The goal is to come out with $10,0000 cash so you could buy a loadout.

If one or two of you died and had to go to the gulag you'll need to adjust your early game strategy and purchase a few self revives.

If you're all good. Find a buy station close and purchase your loadout.

Also, quick note make sure to grab a trophy system for a car.

2. UAV, Bounty, Kill, Repeat.

Early - Mid Game it's all about pushing. 

Grab a few UAV's, Grab a Bounty, and Start pushing teams.

Use that Trophy system car to get yourself to an advantageous position. And start hunting!

Repeat this Strategy until late game.

3. NickMercs Late Game strategy

Buy a few precision airstrikes, and continue clearing outbuildings.

Start grouping up together, and then try search for the best position in the circle.

The best position, according to Nick Mercs is a place with High Ground and is in a circle.

The last part is all up to you and your gun skills to get that Dub.

 NickMercs High Kill Strategy (Visualized)


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