What is LFG?

LFG is short for Looking For Group. The purpose of an LFG community is to provide you, the member, the means to find like minded players to team up with to play in public games. It avoids having to play with "randoms". Typically this means better communication which makes it easier to be more competitive, but also makes it more fun!

Who are we?

Our community is a 2KD+ Warzone LFG (Looking For Group) server focused on providing you with a system you need to squad up and find a super sweaty and cracked out team for Warzone.  We are the highest quality Top Tier Modern Warfare Battle Royale players in this Discord Looking For Groups of other super sweaty players.  We play mostly on PC but accept players from all platforms (PC, Xbox, Playstation), and all regions (but mostly made up of North America for the best server ping.

How do I find a game?

All you need to do is join our Discord and head to the "LFG" section. Here you'll find the LFG channels.  Select the appropriate channel and post a message to say you are looking for a game, or reply to someone that's already done just that to say you're happy to join them.